Principal Back-End Engineer (Python)

06 Feb 2019

Principal Python Developer in Toronto


- At least 7 years of experience in web application development, in an Agile or Lean environment

- Strong experience in one of the following technologies - Python (what we use), Ruby on Rails, C++, Go, Node, .NET or JAVA

- Experience with databases and SQL - our database is MySQL

- Experience writing and working with REST APIs -- and by "REST," we really do mean actual resource-oriented REST, and not RPC using HTTP mechanisms

- Demonstrated experience coaching and mentoring technical teams, and growing the overall technical maturity of our Engineering organization

- A deep understanding of test-driven (and behavioural test driven) development, and of building substantially complete test code, and not just for the happy path

- Familiarity with continuous integration (or better, continuous delivery) and automated build pipelines

What you might bring:

We're looking for a variety of talented technical leadership and know that a mix of skills and experience is useful. Even having only a couple of the skills from the list below would be a strong asset.

- A background in DevOps and service ownership, and a clear understanding of bounded contexts and how they map onto microservices.

- Strong pair programming or mob programming skills, both as a mechanism for producing better code, and for teaching skills

- Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, or other similar tools

- Experience with Google Cloud Platform, or another major cloud provider such as AWS

What you'll do:

- Collaborate on cross-functional Agile teams working on features for our customers

Help set technical and architectural direction for our entire Engineering department

- Learn in-depth details of the current codebase, and map long term improvements

- Research, design and share your ideas in technical design and architecture discussions

- Be an advocate for clean code, good testing practices, and quality software

- Ship your code and enhance our delivery process

- Develop your craft, improve your expertise in software development, and raise the level of the teams around you

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