Why is Toronto so great for techies?

Ian Kinsella 19.03.2018

Torontonian technologist James Rodmell on why he thinks Toronto is a great place to live and work for tech talent and his top tip for job-seeking techies.

What makes Toronto so great?

Ian: Toronto as a place to live and a place to invest in. A lot of companies as coming here and setting up shop. Is that because of the talent? Or the culture? You are a Torontonian, what make Toronto so good?

Quality of life. You look at Toronto and you can basically still get from an affordable neighbourhood to downtown to an office in 30 mins. So, it’s the accessibility, the education, the availability of universities. I mentioned a few like Ryerson for example is going gang busters now. We have got a lot of the tech hubs like Mars and some very good organisations and meetups etc and to have McMasters and Waterloo producing some of the best tech talent globally right around the corner. Those combined with great restaurants and great people. So, quality of life is key

If you were offering advice to someone coming to Toronto and looking for a job in tech what would it be?

Don’t be shy, get out there and talk to as many people as possible. The beauty of Toronto is that its European enough to be social and accessible. So, those meet-ups and tech conferences etc are great to go to so just get out there as you never know what opportunities will present. AND don’t be shy.

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