Why is Fall the Busiest Season in Recruitment?

Ian Kinsella
October 21, 20192 mins read

Once Fall comes round and staffing returns to full force after the summer season, recruitment activity increases for many reasons which can include: filling vacant roles and utilizing budgets.

School's Back

A huge swathe of hiring managers in Canada are subject to that very short primary school holiday window of July and August for family vacations. As there are typically two to three stakeholders involved in most recruitment processes (line manager, HR and peer) and they all can’t take holidays at the same time there is almost always a hold up in the recruitment process during these months.

With schools back and holidays over it's far more likely that the right people will be in the office together over the coming weeks and those “do it when I come back from leave” jobs get sorted.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Summer holidays are not just for hiring managers, people on the job market also go on holiday. Enter three additional external stakeholders (candidate a, b and c) who will most likely as not have some summer vacation planned over July and August. With up to six stakeholders in a recruitment process, all trying to take annual leave, it is no wonder that things get slowed down a bit. Never mind if the recruitment consultant involved takes a few days off.

Budget Time

It’s not just the country that enters into budget time in Q4 but a large majority of employers also do. Budget owners, typically hiring managers, will over the next few weeks be setting expectations on productivity, spend and headcount for the next year and making sure that what was allocated and promised for this year will be delivered upon. The time for procrastination is over and it is use it or lose it time.

Projects Unfinished

Q4 will be the last dash for budget owners to get those to do lists completed and this usually means an additional workload for their teams. Where personnel resources are stretched contract, interim and temp staff become a must hire for companies that need to deliver.

How To Make Great Hires In Peak Season

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