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Ian Kinsella 09.02.2018

Ian discusses the key highlight from the Future Proofing the Software Development Community report - that tech professionals value a good manager above all else, his own management insights plus New Year's resolutions.


The Future proofing the software development community in Toronto report was an exercise to find out what the dev community want and what is important to them by way of compensation, perks, and culture.

The most remarkable thing we discovered was, that above everything else in our criteria, developers and engineers want to work for a good manager. I really thought the top finding would be that people wanted to develop using the latest tech or work in a certain type of company. However, it was plain and simply having an awesome boss. I really love that is what we found it shows, that no matter how advanced tech gets, people still need people to help each other get better.

What makes a good manager?

To me, a good manager is a number of things but above all else they know what's going on, not just in work but they care about what's going on outside of work. If someone comes to me on a Monday morning and they say, 'I'm not motivated, I'm not feeling it today', the first thing I ask is, 'What's happening? What did you do at the weekend?' And most of the time it's something outside of work that's affecting their life inside of work. Finding these things out and knowing what's going on in a person's life, not that you need to pry - they'll either tell you or they won't, it helps to motivate them.

New Year's Resolutions

In Jan, similar to others, I made some New Year's resolutions as I was personally pretty wrecked after Xmas. I decided to make some lifestyle changes which I thought would help my performance and energy. Take a look at the vid to get my two cents' worth.

A lot of my team were asking me how I do it, so I'm trying to lead by example and do things outside of work to help in work. These are traits that I think many managers can learn from. It's too easy to say, 'just work harder.'

We have had a very busy Jan, and all the work we put in is coming good now as we have had a lot of offers coming in which we now need to close. Closing offers is always fun but never easy in the Toronto market...but sure, "thats recruitment."

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