Tom Levesque on A.I. venture | #TechTalk 3

Ian Kinsella 08.11.2017

In Tech Talk Toronto #3 I chatted to one of the smartest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and a true Toronto tech leader - Tom Levesque.

Tom and I met while I was taking part in a product management course a few week ago via Brainstation, and he was my teacher.

I found the fact he was teaching the class based on his own real commercial experience really awesome. I also found his approachable teaching style and deep knowledge on various tech trends and product management something worth sharing. Thankfully Tom was up for chatting to us.

Tom has worked all over the world in senior product management roles including Google in California and is now working on his own A.I venture is what Tom calls "networking on autopilot" which he speaks about in this Tech Talk.

We also cover some awesome content about the tech world and all that is going on. All I can say is, I would be very surprised if some of his views on how tech will change our lives will not be somewhat true in the near future.

Enjoy and thanks to Tom for talking to us.

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Silicon Valley
Artificial intelligence
Amazon coming to toronto
Tech hiring
Nerds become cool
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