Startup Battle at the Data Marketing Toronto Conference | #Startup Life

Ian Kinsella 25.11.2017

At the Data Marketing TO event we saw something really cool - a Tech Startup Battle!

As you can imagine, this was tech start-ups pitching their product/solution -and the two winners, voted by a panel of judges and the audience were Heartbeat.AI and Wriber. Congrats to both of those companies and be sure to check them out!

One re-occurring theme we saw with these startups was artificial intelligence. Ian speaks about how AI can potentially make the role of a recruiter redundant, or certainly disrupt it enough so that we will need to adapt. Rather than fearing this impending change, we need to embrace it. We will either end up working with one of these recruitment AI companies or even acquiring one at some stage.

This is very exciting, and somewhat scary!

And of course the weekly Movember update from Ben - he's quite happy that there's just one week to go.

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Director | Senior Tech Appointments Recruitment | Canada, Toronto