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Ian Kinsella 11.11.2017

Derek, Ben and Ian are getting a rude winter awakening as it feels like -16 in Toronto.

Morgan McKinley Technology were co-sponsoring an amazing 300 person sold out event on Tuesday called InnovateWorkTO.

The CEO of the Toronto tech company League, Mike Serbinis was the main attraction. He was talking about how their platform allows people to access their health and wellness benefits far easier than traditional methods. The chain reaction from using League's platform is healthy, happy, more productive/engaged staff. T

his ties in nicely to what we are currently building by way of our own benefits package. We did get a comment last week from a listener who mentioned that career progression is equally important so we are taking that into account for sure.

Ben is making his debut to Startup Life is taking part in Movemember which is a great cause. Notice how as he lurks around in the background looking like he is going to mug Derek. 

"Happy FriYay"

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