Startup Life!

Ian Kinsella 06.10.2017

Startup Life: A weekly vlog on our startup life in Toronto, Canada.

As the weeks roll on you will be growing accustomed to seeing Derek O’Rourke; our recruitment manager, Ben Ryan; our recruitment consultant & yours truly speaking about our personal experiences of life in a startup - and the technology recruitment jungle we work in. :-)

The video above is a short intro to Startup Life and it will hopefully give you taste for what’s to come!

Between the three of us you’ll get the lowdown on life at Morgan McKinley Technology - on a weekly basis. Our aim is to be transparent about the challenges we face on our journey coupled with the many wins along the way!

The team here at MMK Technology consider ourselves very fortunate to be part of an exciting startup in Toronto - the tech and startup hub of North America, and with that we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to document our startup journey!

We hope you enjoy the series - and stay tuned (every Friday to be precise) to our LinkedIn for more!

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Director | Senior Tech Appointments Recruitment | Canada, Toronto