#Pressforprogress: Morgan McKinley leading the way to progress

Reshmi Nair 09.03.2018

We currently live in a society conflicted about the role of women. While we have more and more countries doing their best to improve the standard of life for women, we have barely scratched the surface for women all over the world.

It is admirable to see countries like Iceland pushing for gender equality by making it illegal to pay men more than women. This shows us that it is possible for every country to pass this bill, provided they had the same determination as Iceland. While, Iceland is ranked 1st in the global gender gap index, for the country with the lowest gender gap, Ireland follows behind shortly at the 8th position.

These rankings are based off 144 countries and speaks to us about the standard of living of women across the world. Morgan McKinley being an Irish company also believes and pushes for gender equality. We believe that gender aside, what matters more is the person, their passion for the position and the skills required to achieve optimum results. This can be seen with our new CEO, Aldagh McDonogh being female.

Being a working female is considered challenging because they must balance their time between family and work. However, time and time again, women have proved that not only can they maintain perfect work-life balance, they usually also exceed all expectations. With time, we see more and more women coming out of their shell and working just as hard in their professional lives as they do in their personal life.

Women are considered natural born cheerleaders. With high levels of empathy, they are great leaders with the ability to understand the point of view of their employees. According to Harvard Business Review, the two traits where women outscored the men by the greatest percentage was for taking initiative and driving for results. This comes with the creativity that women have used to run their households and taking care of their families for generations.

Like everything else, equality also begins at home. We at Morgan McKinley have been following this for a while now. This International Women’s day let us all take the day to appreciate the women in our lives and continue to support them in any way or form that they need!

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Technology Recruiter | DevOps and Infrastructure, Toronto