Morgan McKinley Technology launches Tech Talk Toronto

Ian Kinsella 10.08.2017

Everyone loves to see inspiring innovation and new technology in their businesses. Morgan McKinley Technology want to know what makes the guys and gals tick who create, adopt and embrace the latest and greatest ideas within the tech communities here in Toronto and other parts of the world. 

True innovators are actually a really small % as seen in the technology adoption life cycle. These types of people love seeing how things actually work from an engineering perspective and are generally more risk-oriented. They are also fascinating individuals to talk to.

In the coming weeks we are launching a series of guest blogs, video interviews and webinars where we will chat with extremely talented individuals and thought leaders who like to challenge the everyday world through innovation and disruptions of all kinds.

This series will not be limited to a conversation with an awesome coder who created an app that tells you if you're not wearing matching socks. (that’s actually not a bad idea)

We will be talking to anyone who is working in innovative tech orientated companies including HR/People leaders. Such teams are made up of individuals who keep the smartest tech talent engaged by creating a culture that keeps them happy and productive.

If you would like to be a part of the series, or know someone who would, please don't hesitate in reaching out. You might have a cool and unique hiring process that minimizes time interviewing, are interested in controversial disruptive technologies...or you might have discovered a life hack like turning your toaster on its side, allowing you to make perfect cheese on toast quicker than the grill (without burning the house down). Whatever it may be,  I would be very keen to hear from you.

Please drop me a mail @

Tech Talk episodes

#1 - Forget Chasing Superstars: How to Hire Good Developers

We spoke with Ming T.Chow who is a technology leader within Rakuten (Kobo) in Asia.

#2 - Technologist James Rodmell on AI, VR and cannabis technology!

Without doubt one of the most interesting people I met since coming to Toronto and a fascinating interview. In this edition of Teck Talk Toronto #2, I met with Toronto Technologist James Rodmell. We spoke about AI, VR and something I had never heard of...cannabis technology.

#3 Tom Levesque on A.I. venture

One of the smartest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and a true Toronto tech leader - Tom Levesque. Now working on his own A.I venture, it is what Tom calls "networking on autopilot" which he speaks about in this Tech Talk.

#4 Ian meets Manu Goswami

Manu Goswami is many, many things - he's in Canada's Top 20 Under 20, an entrepreneur involved in several startups and a founder of LinkedIn Local. 

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