An interview with Trayc Keevans: Post Brexit Opportunities, Morgan McKinley Toronto & Cultural Alignments

Ian Kinsella 29.03.2017

Trayc Keevans gives one of the finest fact-filled interviews you will see this year on CBC news Toronto... In 5 minutes!

Post-Brexit opportunities, Morgan McKinley Toronto, cultural alignments - Ireland and Canada, tech/employment news and the Toronto Raptors, all in 5 minutes! 

Many companies around the world have been affected by Brexit and it has created a lot of uncertainty for millions of people; However with every type of large scale change there comes opportunity. 

Morgan McKinley’s Global Director for Foreign Direct Investment, Trayc Keevans gave a superb interview last week with CBC news Toronto and covered the opportunities that exist post-Brexit among other things.

If you're interested/impacted with any of the above topics, then I would encourage you to take 5 minutes and enjoy this fantastic interview Trayc gave last week.

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