India --> Singapore --> Toronto: My journey towards Cyber Security Recruitment

Reshmi Nair
March 13, 20203 mins read

“Where are you from?”, has got to be the toughest question for me to answer.

While I may never be able to answer the question, the answer “Global Citizen” seems to fit the bill quite well. While my time in India and Singapore seemed to happen naturally, I could definitely not say the same about Canada. While applying to Universities, I never really thought much about Canada. I was, however, applying to universities in Europe and Singapore. After going through the application process and researching into the visa process, I learnt that I was not able to go to Europe and for those minutes things seemed grim to say the least.
      Then came the option of taking a gap year or finding a different university. I was randomly browsing through universities that were open and stumbled across the University of Toronto. Having nothing to lose, I applied right away! Eventually about 3 weeks to what would have been my first day, I got my acceptance letter from UofT and I was over the moon! Then came the painful process of applying for a visa, finding a place to live and buying winter clothing all in the matter of a week. 

     All said and done, I finally arrived in Canada gearing for what would be the greatest adventure of my life. Between getting used to the cold and the culture shock, I couldn’t tell you what my biggest challenge was in my initial few weeks. Slowly but surely, I started to get acclimatized to it and fell into a rhythm. Being an introverted person, it took me some time to get myself out there and make friends, but thanks to campus groups I met some people I consider my closest friends to this day. That experience taught me to constantly push myself to know further and not to let my introvertedness affect my inquisitiveness. After that, I went on to be a part of over 5 clubs, presiding over 2 and even created my own club, which is still one of the most active clubs on campus to this day! Studying Psychology and living alone in Canada gave me the opportunity to better understand myself and work around my quirks like never before.

      University days were some of my happiest days, which was followed by the struggle of looking for a job. I spent a year trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to do. After trying a couple of volunteering opportunities in psychology, I realized that it was not for me. Being someone that strongly believes that you need to enjoy your job, I looked at various different areas that I was interested in, until I landed in Recruitment and here I am 2 years later, still loving what I do! 

    So, why recruitment? Recruitment gave me the perfect blend that I had been craving for. From speaking to candidates and understanding their troubles to working with clients and understanding their business restrictions, I got the opportunity to finally work with the two areas that I was once hoping to double Major in- Psychology and Business. It was also once I started working that I realized just how inquisitive I was. Given the world we live in today, I quickly realized that not only was I curious to know about the world of cybersecurity, I was also paranoid enough to stay on top of the cybersecurity news on a day- to day basis. Add to that, my partner also works in cybersecurity and we make it a point to keep each other updated on the latest news to the point that it's almost become a competition to see who finds out first! This brought me to my area of specialization- IT Security!

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Technology Recruiter |Security and DevOps, Toronto


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