How can I get into IT Project Management?

Ian Kinsella
April 12, 20172 mins read

Whether you are a business analyst, a Java developer or even a support engineer - making the switch to IT Project Management is possible!

Here are my top 3 tips for transitioning your career into IT Project Management

  • Current role: If you work in an IT company where there is a project management function, try to get some exposure to project management internally first. This can be through looking after small projects or stepping up to the mark when the project manager is under resourced or on holidays. If you can get at least 6 months project management experience/exposure under your belt, it will make a huge difference. Actual Commercial experience is king.


  • Project Management certification: If you don’t have the opportunity to get exposure to IT project management within your current role yet definitely want to make that move, I would advise completing a project management certification. This shows that firstly, you are committed and secondly, that you may not have the work experience yet but you do have the formal project management methodology training. Not to mentioned a lot of employers in Toronto do require some kind of PM cert in order to be considered. There are heaps of courses you can choose from so make sure you choose one that is close to the area you wish to be in. 


  • Go back to University: Of course this is a big ask, however many people have successfully gone back to University to complete a post grad diploma/degree or a masters in order to achieve more relevant skills. Generally your employer will support this or even help fund if it's in everyone's interest. 


If you need any more advice or tips about moving into project management - please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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