Happy St Patricks Day from Morgan McKinley Technology, Toronto | #StartupLife

Ian Kinsella 16.03.2018

It's been a while since our last Startup Life, and the good news is that's because we've been busy filling jobs. No complaints there.

We are within the week of St. Paddy's week and it's Paddy's Day tomorrow. We had an unbelievable event on Wednesday which was basically Irish people, who are in Toronto, and in tech and trying to bring those people together and it was a big success. We had about 80 people registered and all 80 people turned up which is unheard of. That was phenomenal. We'll have another one of those hopefully in the summer. Hopefully it'll be a series where we can get the Irish community and everyone can make new business allies and what not.

Second to that, we have a new starter. Spartacus! Spartacus is brand new to recruitment but he's getting on great so far. We wish him all the best. As you can see, he's working away very, very hard now.

Lastly, just from everyone in the team we want to wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day for tomorrow. Hope Ireland beat England!

Enjoy and be good. Have a good one.

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Director | Senior Tech Appointments Recruitment | Canada, Toronto