Customer Service in Toronto - The best in the world?

Ian Kinsella 05.04.2017

Based on recent experiences, I certainly think so and Morgan McKinley Technology would love to work with customer focused people like this.

I am fairly well travelled and while I travel I always get mixed levels of customer service depending where I go. I am also extremely passionate about good customer service. To me when I experience great customer service, no matter what the service or industry...I get a real buzz. It instantly makes me want to tell people about my positive experience. That is the basic principles of offering supreme customer service. If you do a good job, the customer returns and brings a friend, and the chain continues to grow and expand as long as the service remains the same high level.

When I came to Toronto recently, I was blown away by the Canadian customer service. From the immigration staff the moment I arrived, to the barista’s, waitresses and bar staff who I regularly had constant engaging customer experiences with. Toronto clearly is very proud of their customer service and I believe the people have a genuine passion for it.

At Morgan McKinley Technology Toronto we are building a brand new technology recruitment team. The team and environment will have the feel of an innovative tech start-up with fun perks and high levels of autonomy and trust. Even though we are somewhat new to Toronto, we will be backed by the global Morgan McKinley brand. Therefore giving us an already established brand, reputation and good credibility in the market here.

I am looking for tech recruiters/tech sourcers whose passion is searching, sourcing and experimenting with innovative methodologies in order to unearth the best tech talent in Toronto. I would love to chat to anyone who is working in recruitment or sales who also shares this passion for a supreme customer experience.

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