Are you dealing with a bad IT recruiter or a good one? 3 behaviours to watch out for

Ian Kinsella 29.03.2017

One of the fundamental differences between a good recruiter/salesperson and a bad one. A bad one wants a quick, easy sale and quick sales are exactly how they sound, quick and singular. Recruiters/salespeople looking for a quick, easy sales are not the ones you want to be dealing with generally as you'll probably experience some of the following behaviours.

Here's 3 red flags to look out for - should you experience them, you should probably think about changing your recruiter:

1. Not responding to your emails or calls

I can't believe how often I hear this from people that I work with and it’s very disappointing that it happens so much. I understand that in this industry we are very busy, however a quick response or call with or without key information goes a long way. A good recruiter will always get back to you at some stage or give you some kind of information

2. Sending your CV without your consent

This is typically more junior recruiters who are under pressure and trying to impress their manager, however I have seen and heard of more senior people doing it too. All this does is cause problems for everyone especially if your CV has then been sent to a prospective employee more than once. If you’re dealing with a credible recruiter you'll know exactly where your CV has been sent at all times.

3. You can't get any feedback/updates after an interview

Sometimes this is not the recruiter and can be down to the client. However, if that is the case the recruiter should tell you that straight rather than dodge your calls or emails as they don't have the answers. This goes back to my "quick sale" point and to me that sounds like the recruiter only wants deal with the candidate when it looks like they might make them some commission. A good recruiter always tries their best to give you information at all times. Even if the information is that they actually have no information, it’s far better than radio silence.

A small minority of recruiters in Toronto behave this way and most of us are very professional and do everything we can for our customers. Unfortunately, like when you get a bad meal in a restaurant, you'll always hear about the bad meal and the complaint before you hear about all 100 great ones before that.

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