6 Tips to Land an IT Contract Extension

Ian Kinsella 12.04.2017

From my perspective, if you like where you work and the tech you're using, then doing everything you can to land your next extension is really important.

In a competitive contractor job market, it has never been more important for contractors to improve their chances of securing an extension with their current employing company.
Here are 6 ways you can make securing that contract renewal or extension a reality!

When you are set tasks as part of your assigned role or given extra responsibility, it is essential you deliver on your promises.

 Keep an ear to the ground about new upcoming initiatives. Don’t wait for them to be communicated via the business, very often you can uncover the organisation’s plans through a discussion at the coffee machine.

Be the first to raise your arm for extra responsibilities. Your employer will see you as someone willing to contribute to the bigger picture.

Continually seek to build networks and relationships with key stakeholders. Attend social events and contribute at workshops and presentations.

Talk positively about the organisation. If you make it known that you enjoy working there, you will be in the forefront of your employer’s mind for an extension or consideration for new and exciting projects.

This works both ways. If your contract was established via a recruitment consultant then make sure to stay in contact with your consultant and be clear about your requirements or career goals. At the same time, I would expect that your recruiter should also be proactive in contacting you. However you feel about your current role, manager, or company; more often than not, issues you are experiencing can be mediated effectively by your consultant with a positive outcome.

If you are an IT contractor coming to the end of your contract why not try and implement the tips above to gain an extension. 

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Director | Senior Tech Appointments Recruitment | Canada, Toronto